How to install a LAMP environment in a Ubuntu Server 13.04 in one line

Andy, Apache WarriorAnd in this case with the ‘P’ I am referring to PHP and not to Perl.

There are a lot of options (this is Linux), first one is using the tasksel tool.

For example, you can use tasksel to see the list of available tasks to install.

jtome@ubuntu:~$ sudo tasksel --list
i server        Basic Ubuntu server
i openssh-server        OpenSSH server
u dns-server    DNS server
u lamp-server   LAMP server
u mail-server   Mail server
u postgresql-server     PostgreSQL database
u print-server  Print server
u samba-server  Samba file server
u tomcat-server Tomcat Java server
u cloud-image   Ubuntu Cloud Image (instance)
u virt-host     Virtual Machine host
u ubuntustudio-graphics 2D/3D creation and editing suite
u ubuntustudio-audio    Audio recording and editing suite
u edubuntu-desktop-gnome        Edubuntu desktop
u kubuntu-active        Kubuntu Active
u kubuntu-desktop       Kubuntu desktop
u kubuntu-full  Kubuntu full
u ubuntustudio-font-meta        Large selection of font packages
u lubuntu-desktop       Lubuntu Desktop
u lubuntu-core  Lubuntu minimal installation
u mythbuntu-desktop     Mythbuntu additional roles
u mythbuntu-frontend    Mythbuntu frontend
u mythbuntu-backend-master      Mythbuntu master backend
u mythbuntu-backend-slave       Mythbuntu slave backend
u ubuntustudio-photography      Photograph touchup and editing suite
u ubuntustudio-publishing       Publishing applications
u ubuntu-desktop        Ubuntu desktop
u ubuntu-usb    Ubuntu desktop USB
u ubuntu-touch  Ubuntu touch
u ubuntustudio-video    Video creation and editing suite
u xubuntu-desktop       Xubuntu desktop
u edubuntu-dvd-live     Edubuntu live DVD
u kubuntu-active-live   Kubuntu Active Remix live CD
u kubuntu-live  Kubuntu live CD
u kubuntu-dvd-live      Kubuntu live DVD
u lubuntu-live  Lubuntu live CD
u ubuntustudio-dvd-live Ubuntu Studio live DVD
u ubuntu-live   Ubuntu live CD
u ubuntu-usb-live       Ubuntu live USB
u xubuntu-live  Xubuntu live CD
u manual        Manual package selection

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